Ken Cavanaugh - Saving America from greedy politicians

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We all should know by now that our career politicians are in it for greed. Either for power or money, but greed it is. Ken Cavanaugh is the opposite of all that. Ken is knowledgeable of our Constitution, and thus knows how far out of line the US Government has become. Of late, we have been FORCED to suffer from national mandates, well out of the US Governments authority. THIS MUST STOP!

So, Ken's mission is to REDUCE the Federal Government back to its Constitutional limitations, and remove all US Taxes from The People. America MUST return to a 'republic' form of government where only our most local government is the one that has any impact. This nonsense of watching the entire nation go through fits every time a political party changes hands in the distant Washington, D.C. This practice makes our nation UNSTABLE, where our international friends cannot have any confidence in our words OR actions.

Left wing, right wing, how about NO wing at all? With more than 330 million people, all with their own UNIQUE Pursuit of Happiness, living here, it is IMPOSSIBLE for only TWO ideologies to choose from. Ken offers you your own ideology. The only ideology Ken ascribes to is Freedom. So, you can see that you will get something NEW (actually, old) from Ken Cavanaugh.

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