Ken Cavanaugh - a Strict Constitutionalist, why?

Updated: Apr 25

The Constitution contains the Rules by which the Government MUST ABIDE BY, to remain governing We The People.

That is the contract We have with our Governments. Such documents are to be interpreted by only the US Supreme Court, or the owners of them being We The People. We The People ought to never blindly accept any 'definitions' given to us by any elected officials. Keeping in mind that it is THEY who want to stretch its meaning to include their new 'special' program.

Greedy politicians. Greed for many things. Wealth, Power, Authority, Fame, but greed it is. Few at the national level can be included in being truly compassionate about our Freedoms and Rights. Most that work there as elected officials live in multi-million dollar homes. When they write new laws, they are detached from The People. Many laws they write, they find a way to keep themselves excluded from their effects. Did you know that officials in Congress do not pay into Social Security. for example? Selfish for their own exclusions from the laws they pass onto us.

Socialism, via Karl Marx, has infiltrated American governments. What Marx wrote was this (paraphrased): 'When the American People figure out that a politician can offer them things which are in violation of their Constitution, but they like the ideas, they will vote them into office and their Constitution will be usurped.' It didn't take long. Marx wrote this is his Communist Manifesto (approx 1880). By 1904, a popular President Teddy Roosevelt created the Department of the Interior, stealing State lands to create the popular national park system. No amendment was ever considered for this purpose. After which, the dam began to burst, but it didn't really take off until after WWII (when the voluntary 'payroll' tax was not repealed due to Congress seeing all the money it was bringing in!). Still, prior to that, FDR's New Deal included Food Stamps, a federal socialist program that continues to date (even though the States run it using fed grant money as political footballs).

As for even having to listen to the Federal Government, sorry, they have no authority within the States. There is NOTHING in the US Constitution which allows for the US Government to have any say within any State. We get lied to about a 'Supremacy clause', which is fictional. Created by those that need to usurp our Rules by inventing a falsehood.

So, let We The People reclaim ownership of our Constitution. We can probably agree that, over the past 230+ years, we can see some holes that need to be closed. Let's do so, instead of bickering over partisan politics perpetually.

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